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History of Pleasant Mount Welding, Inc.


Pleasant Mount Welding, Inc. was established in 1983 to serve the Fabricated Metals Market. After a short period, we realized that the metal fabrication industry seemed to include a poor reputation for service. Customers received late deliveries, workmanship was inconsistent, and there appeared to be problems with customer service. PMWI made a commitment to be different. Our primary goal is to focus on "what customers expect".



PMWI relocated to a 40,000 sq.ft. facility in Carbondale, Pennsylvania. Our commitment to excellence has fostered tremendous growth, and we purchased an additional 80,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility within minutes of our corporate facility. Both of these manufacturing sites are certified AISC fabrication facilities, complete with all modern equipment and technology. We fabricate metals according to all major building codes including AISC Standards, AWS Welding Codes, and ASME Welding Codes.


PMWI realized the potential of being an AISC Certified Manufacturing Facility. We decided to join AISC as a Certified Manufacturer of Steel Building Structures to continue expanding our capabilities and expertise. 


PMWI purchased a building located adjacent  to our headquarters to house our Engineering and R&D groups as well as our new department, PMWI's Environmental Equipment Division. Already being in the water and wastewater industries, we realized the potential of efficient and sustainable water cleaning solutions. We have spent countless hours perfecting our Sequential Batch Reactors for the purpose of cleansing water, wastewater, and local environments for a healthier tomorrow.


PMWI purchased an additional manufacturing facility for the purpose of manufacturing our own line of aluminum grating products. Through extensive Research & Development efforts, we are now manufacturing Swaged I-Bar Grating, Swaged Rectangular Bar Grating, Plank Grating, and Dovetail Grating. Our grating products are fabricated in accordance with NAAMM Standards and follow grating industry standard practices.


Due to the great success of joining AISC as a Certified Fabricator of Steel Building Structures, we once again wanted to expand our capabilities and expertise as a company. PMWI expanded our AISC Certifications to include Steel Bridge Fabrication (Simple Bridge), Steel Bridge Fabrication (Intermediate Bridge), Hydraulic Steel Structures Fabrication, Highway & Bridge Component Fabrication, Fracture Critical Fabrication, and Sophisticated Painting (SPE, P1).


We are the largest manufacturer of miscellaneous metals for water and wastewater treatment facilities on the East Coast. Our manufacturing and design personnel have 40 years experience supplying lintels, weir plates, embedded angles, bar racks, grating, pipe supports, ladders, and numerous other fabrications. When it comes to fabricating aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon steel products, PMWI has the necessary experience you can rely on to help meet your specific application needs.

The Future of pmwi

Pleasant Mount Welding, Inc.'s Research and Development Team continues to focus on implementing new solutions and products to compliment all the services we offer.  Our R&D Team's recent accomplishments include an Aluminum Mechanical Ladder System and Standard-Duty Aluminum Interlocking Flat Panel Cover system. These innovative solutions are great alternative options to traditional welded ladders and checker plate cover systems. Ongoing R&D projects include the development of several items including launder covers and extruded mini aluminum hinges that can be used with our existing aluminum grating products.

Pleasant Mount Welding Inc. Locations

Corporate Office

Corporate Office

45 Dundaff Street Carbondale, PA 18407

8th Ave. Mfg Facility

8th Ave. Mfg Facility

24 8th Avenue Carbondale, PA 18407



52 Dundaff Street Carbondale, PA 18407

Grating Mfg

Grating Mfg

289 Rear Atlas Street Carbondale, PA 18407

Our Mission


The associates at PMWI do their very best to maintain high quality standards in every aspect of the company. We take great pride in producing accurate shop drawings and quality fabricated products.



PMWI is dedicated to making sure that your deliveries are on time. We want to make sure that you meet your contract deadlines.



Our Customers are our first priority . We are in business to serve you and your needs. We will do everything possible to make sure that you are satisfied with our service and the quality of our products.



By focusing on quality, deliveries, and customer service, we will save you money. Quality will increase your job site productivity; On time deliveries will ensure that you meet your contract deadlines; customer service will solve your problems - you will increase profitability and your bottom line.

Serving the Water and Wastewater Industry for 40 years!

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45 Dundaff Street

Carbondale, Pa 18407

Phone: 570-282-6164

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