Miscellaneous Metals Fabrication

Miscellaneous Metals Fabrication

The design and manufacturing teams at Pleasant Mount Welding, Inc. have over 35 years experience supplying lintels, weir plates, embedded angles, bar racks, grating, pipe supports, ladders, and numerous other fabrications. Our years of experience will be beneficial for all of your projects. When it comes to fabricating miscellaneous metals, PMWI can meet your needs.

Items Fabricated:

  • Pipe Bollards, Pipe Vents, & Hose Racks

  • Fabricated Embeds, Extruded Embeds, Shelf Angles, Grating, Cover Plates, Frames

  • Ladders & Fall Prevention

  • Sill Angles, Lintels, Door Jambs, Bearing Plates

  • Pipe Supports & Pipe Flanges

  • Beams, Channels, Welded Frames

  • Bar Screens & Rakes

  • Trash Racks

  • Weir Plates & Baffles

  • Handrail

  • Stairs & Bolted X-Bracing

For more examples of our miscellaneous metal fabrications,

view our Recent Projects photo gallery!