Plank Grating

Aluminum Plank Grating

Aluminum Heavy Duty Plank Grating is a structurally sound and attractive alternative to regular bar grating. It is made in 6" wide sections of extruded aluminum up to 26' long. PMWI Aluminum Plank Grating has a built in chamfer on the bottom side of the plank that allows multiple sections to be easily welded together to form required panel sizes. Our plank grating is available in 8 different grating depth sizes ranging from 3/4" to 2-1/2".

The plank surface can be provided unpunched or in a variety of punch patterns to allow the passage of air, light, heat, or moisture. A diagonal punch pattern will soon be available that conforms to ADA requirements for wheelchair accessibility. The unpunched plank conforms to ADA requirements for wheelchair accessibility.

Available Plank Profiles

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Plank Grating

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Now Available with SlipNOT® Slip-Resistance Coating!

Available Punch Patterns

*Coming Soon

Benefits of Aluminum

Ease of Maintenance

Corrosive Resistance

Aesthetic Appearance

High Strength-to-Weight Ratio



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