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Plank Grating

Aluminum Plank Grating

Aluminum Heavy Duty Plank Grating is a structurally sound and attractive alternative to regular bar grating. It is made in 6" wide sections of extruded aluminum up to 26' long. PMWI Aluminum Plank Grating has a built in chamfer on the bottom side of the plank that allows multiple sections to be easily welded together to form required panel sizes. Our plank grating is available in 8 different grating depth sizes ranging from 3/4" to 2-1/2".

The plank surface can be provided unpunched or in a variety of punch patterns to allow the passage of air, light, heat, or moisture. A diagonal punch pattern that conforms to ADA requirements for wheelchair accessibility available in limited supplies (Check Availability). The unpunched plank conforms to ADA requirements for wheelchair accessibility.

Unpunched Plank Grating

Available Plank Profiles

Load Table:

Plank Grating

plank profiles.JPG

Now Available with SlipNOT® Slip-Resistance Coating!

Available Punch Patterns

Unpunched Plank Photo
Rectangular Punched and ADA Diagonal Punched Plank

*Check Availability

Benefits of Aluminum

Ease of Maintenance

Corrosive Resistance

Aesthetic Appearance

High Strength-to-Weight Ratio



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