Stair Treads

Aluminum Stair Treads

Many grating platforms and walkway applications require stairways to access the various elevations. PMWI offers aluminum stair tread profiles in all of our aluminum grating types: Swage Locked I-Bar, Swage Locked Rectangular Bar, Pressure Locked Dovetail, and Plank Grating to match our grating products.

The swage locked rectangular bar and pressure locked dovetail stair treads are available with a plain or serrated surface for slip resistance. The swage locked I-bar stair treads have a striated surface for slip resistance.

Nosings for our aluminum stair treads include a standard extruded Grooved Nosing with a striated surface similar to the I-bar grating. An optional cast Abrasive Nosing is also available upon request.

Stair Tread w/ Carrier Plate - Details

Load Table:
​Stair Treads

Now Available with SlipNOT® Slip-Resistance Coating!

Benefits of Aluminum

Ease of maintenance

Corrosive resistance

Aesthetically pleasing

High strength-to-weight ratio



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