Cover Systems

Aluminum Flat Panel Cover Systems

Pleasant Mount Welding, Inc.'s aluminum covers are an attractive and structurally sound alternative to traditional aluminum diamond plate cover systems. Utilizing custom extrusions, we can create either fixed panel cover systems or hinged panel cover systems for many different applications. We create innovative aluminum cover systems that offer cost-effective, long term solutions for architectural, municipal, and industrial storage applications. Our flat panel cover systems are widely used in the water and wastewater industries due to their chemical resistance, minimal lifetime maintenance requirements, and low construction cost. Every PMWI aluminum cover is custom designed to meet the specific requirements of each project and engineering for any snow, wind, and suspended load capacities. Pleasant Mount Welding, Inc.'s competitive advantage is our quality reputation, unmatched experience, and the fact that we are the complete package - we design, engineer, detail, and fabricate all of our covers in-house.

Aluminum Covers

Reservoir tank covers


Sludge holding tanks

Odor control


Storage vessels


Water & Wastewater Applications

  • Great for odor control applications

  • Easily customized to conform around penetrations or equipment

  • Substantially air tight enclosure

  • Reduced air volume for reduced air filtration costs - saving you energy

  • Hinged panels for access to large areas below the covers

  • Flat covers for heavy foot traffic and frequent access to equipment

  • Heavy duty, low deflection, non-skid walking surface

Flat Cover Features

Removable (hinged or fixed) panels

Gasketed panels

Reduce air volume

Slip resistance

Low deflection

Lifting handles

Water & Wastewater Reservoir Covers


The public's growing concern of clean water is pushing governments to implement legislation regarding water quality and municipal practices for protecting our environment. Storage facilities are being required to cover finished water reservoirs to help keep out contaminants. Our team of specialized engineers are experienced in creating custom solutions for covering clarifiers, reservoirs, sludge holding tanks, and many more storage facilities with our innovative aluminum covers. Our custom hinges allow for easy access to weirs, basins, blowers and any other equipment that is below the covers. This provides odor control and a safe working environment for plant operators. PMWI aluminum covers require little to no lifetime maintenance, reducing plant preservation costs and saves energy. Our covers are durable and strong enough to handle large loading requirements, allowing for safe navigation throughout the plant.

View Our Aluminum Flat Panel Covers Brochure

Aluminum Cover Brochure 08.26.2019.JPG

Heavy Duty Aluminum Covers

HD Cover render.jpg

Heavy Duty Cover Features:​

  • Welded Construction

  • Pedestrian Span 5'-8" @ 100 lb/sqft uniform load & 300 lb concentrated load

  • Hinged or Fixed Design

  • Slam Lock w/ Key for Hinged Covers

  • Gaskets for a Substantially Air Tight Cover

  • Lifting Handles

  • Available Flush Top and/or Top Mount

Product Specifications

Heavy Duty Aluminum Covers Specification:


Engineering Load Table

Heavy Duty Plank Load Table:

Multi-Use Standard Duty Aluminum Covers

SD Cover render.jpg

Standard Duty Cover Features:​

  • Mechanical Construction

  • Pedestrian Span 4'-10" @ 50 lb/sqft uniform load & 400 lb concentrated load

  • Hinged and/or Fixed Design

  • Slide Bolt Lock for Hinged Covers

  • Gaskets for a Substantially Air Tight Cover

  • Lifting Handles

  • Available Flush Top and/or Top Mount

  • Foamular® 250 Rigid Foam Insulation Option

Product Specifications

Standard Duty Aluminum Covers Specification:


Engineering Load Table

Standard Duty Plank Load Table:

Multi-Use Cover System Configurations

Multi-Use Cover System.jpg

Fixed Panels

Top Mount. PMWI Embed &/or Shelf Angle

Hinged Panels

Top Mount, PMWI Embed &/or Shelf Angle

Fixed Panels w/ Hinged Area

Top Mount, PMWI Embed &/or Shelf Angle

Double Hinged Panels (Back to Back)

Top Mount, PMWI Embed &/or Shelf Angle

Aerobic Digestive Equipment


Air Distribution Beam

w/ Single Drop Coarse Bubble Diffusers

Air Distribution Beam.jpg

Features & Benefits:

Moderate Oxygen Transfer Efficiency

Low Maintenance

Maximum Mixing

1" & 2" Diffuser Sizes Available

Easy to Install


Hartford, CT WPCF Wet Weather Expansion Project

Product: PMWI Heavy Duty Cover System

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