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Launder Covers

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Aluminum Launder Covers

Pleasant Mount Welding, Inc.'s launder covers are a great alternative to conventional fiberglass launder covers. Our launder covers are made from aluminum, providing customers with a long lasting odor and algae control solution that will not crack or discolor. Our Standard-Duty Launder Cover (walking surface) is based on technology from our Standard-Duty Aluminum Interlocking Flat Panel Covers. These launder covers incorporate hinges for easy access to areas below and slide latches as a positive means of locking down covers. All our Standard-Duty Launder Covers provide substantial odor control by utilizing sealing gaskets around the perimeter of each launder cover panel. PMWI launder covers are widely used in the wastewater industry and are very effective in controlling algae growth in clarifier effluent channels and odors generated in the clarifier as effluent breaks over the clarifier weir. All PMWI launder covers are designed, engineered, detailed, and fabricated in-house to meet your specific project needs.


Serving the Water and Wastewater Industry for 40 years!

Launder Covers

Odor Control

Protect against Algae Growth

Cost Effective

Light Weight 


Walking Surface

Aluminum Construction

Wastewater Applications (Clarifiers)

  • Great for odor control

  • Easily customized to conform to clarifier geometry

  • Substantially air tight

  • Hinged for access to areas below launder covers

  • Protects against algae growth

  • UV Protection and keeping out contaminants

Launder Cover Features



Sealing Gaskets

Extruded Handles

Latching Mechanism

Low Maintenance

Walkable Surface

Modular Construction

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